Saturday, December 15, 2012

100 o'clock tea.

This is my...100th story for this year...and i'm going to celebrate it with a cup of tea.

In this pictures you are going to see ...a very "calm" girl, a girl who has plenty of time to enjoy every drop of tea...who finds time to get lost in her thoughts , who has time to dream while listening to her favorite her red dress.
Unfortunately ...i've never had enough time to enjoy PLAYING this role...i'm always in a hurry...i never have enough time to do everything i want...even during my sleep i feel that i don't have enough time to dream...actually the last time i enjoyed every drop of tea was during this shooting...and i hope that this Christmas will bring me besides joy ...a wonderful moment of silence, peace and love.

Why black tea?...because i love it, i was born & raised in a culture that was influenced a lot by the russian one...where besided Votka there is a LOT of BLACK TEA...and the truth is that my body refuses caffeine...

So this is my receipe for a perfect Christmas black tea, a Sweet Paprika red dress, snowflakes, lights, gifts, oranges, family, love ...and silence.


This magical moment was created with Paul Trager and Fabian Tatomirescu
make-up : Bella Renner
the perfect place : Infinitea .

I was wearing: a Sweet Paprika dress....ready for Christmas
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


  1. Am pierdut deja numărul dăţilor când ţi-am zis că eşti superbă ! xx La cât mai multe postări !

  2. Subscriu la ceea ce a zis Iulia! Esti SUPERBA!!!

  3. Wonderful dress my dear! And I adore the location and the concept.. simply beautiful! :D

  4. amazing photos! :)

  5. You are stunning!
    Love these photos. All is perfect. Perfect outfit and perfect location for shoot :)

    - Stéphanie T.

  6. Такие великолепные фотографии! Вы-чудесная в этом платье,туфельках и очень гармонируйте с обстановкой <3
    Буду рада видеть Вас у меня в блоге!

    Ih you don't understand Russian, I repeat it in English!
    You are so lovely in that dress, shoes, and in harmony with this furnishings<3

    I will be glad to see you in my blog=)

  7. Wow. So classic, so feminine. Gorgeous photos! Amazing dress.

    xo from your newest follower,

  8. Your dress is amazing. The photos are great. Btw, I feel the same. I have no time, I'm always in a hurry.

  9. Perfect pictures! and you look wonderful in this dress!

  10. So random but I'm dying to know the color of your walls here! Gorgeous!


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