Sunday, December 2, 2012

A russian story.

Photobucket When i was born ... in 1991, in the Republic Of Moldova there was still a lot of Soviet influence in the social, cultural and political life. So they wrote my name in my birth certificate Atanasova Gabriela Danielovna ...lately i had to change it to " Atanasov", because this was my actual name...also they used the Kirilic alphabet not the Latin one.
Even if i always had a problem with the russian political influence in my country now i understand how lucky i am to know more about the russian culture, to speak their language, to sing their songs...etc.
So ...somehow there is a Russian story...that lives in me and i had to create a special outfit so show this to you...the key of this look is of course my grandma's authentic Russian scarf(русский платок)- which is 100% wool.
This outfit is inspired by the 70's soviet movies, i created a russian look by mixing a Sweet Paprika grey leather pencil skirt with floral prints,Katerinimou flower necklace, fur, a red pullover and of course BLACK RUSSIAN TEA for a cold russian winter day.

My russian story was created with : Paul Trager & Fabian Tatomirescu
Make-up : Bella Renner.
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  1. wow, the pictures and the outfit are so beautiful!

  2. Amazing pictures, lovely outfit! Great idea!

  3. Draga mea, ma surprinzi de fiecare data cu versatilitatea ta! Unele fotografii imi plac la nebunie:)). Pupici, Silvia:)

    1. Multumesc mult draga mea:* ma bucur ca iti plac pozele, stii ca parerea ta conteaza mult ptr mine !
      Te pup!

  4. Amazing photos, and a really stylish look.

  5. Buna Gabriela!
    in primul rand...felicitari pentru blog este superb! Azi l-am descoperit si nu mi-am putut dezlipi ochii de pe el pana nu am vazut majoriatea postarilor:)
    Fotografiile sunt superbe, tinutele cu totul si cu totul deosebite..iar tu frumoasa foc. Ti s-a mai sous ca semeni f bine cu Audrey,nu-i asa?
    Inca o data felicitari!

  6. you're so sexy in leather skirt
    you like leather very much i think

  7. Cool pics!
    I would love to visit Russia and to wear one of these fur hats.
    We use 2 letters in Serbia - both Cyrillic and Latin, which causes many problems to foreigners lol, but it's a great advantage for us if we want to read and learn Russian, for example)


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